Creative Calligraphy Ideas: Micro Wedding Edition

Creative Calligraphy Ideas: Micro Wedding Edition

You’ve seen calligraphy all over social media. It seems like everyone and their dog is using it to label every aspect of their big day: signage, place cards, invites, etc. What if you love the calligraphy idea, but you’re going the micro-wedding route? Not to fret! There’s loads of ways to incorporate the art form into your special day without coming off as too ‘extra’ (or be extra, it’s your alls day…do what you want!)



This is one of my favorites! If your wedding is outdoors, it might be hard to just whip out a guest book. Not the easiest thing to fit in a suit pocket or clutch. Speak to your calligrapher and have them make you a card instead. I use an A2 card (4.25 x5.5 inches) and write on the fold of the inside. To keep it organized and protected wrap it up in a plastic sleeve with a pen. Light, easy to carry, and something you can frame afterwards. You can even pass it around during the ceremony should you be short on time.

Seattle Calligrapher micro wedding guest book royal blue and white
Flourished copperplate calligraphy on an A2 card for the perfect grab and go guest book


I just had an incredibly thoughtful client commission a whole stack of copperplate thank you notes with matching envelopes. Her goal was to send them out to everyone attending her sweet wedding ceremony along with a gift she and the groom made. You’ll give your guests a keepsake so unique, they won’t soon forget your event.



Headed to dinner afterwards? Why not utilize place cards to double as a favor? Calligraphers can write on many surfaces, most of which can be turned into coasters or a gift after your wedding. Popular items right now include magnolia leaves, acrylic, and geodes! Throw some cork on the back to make a coaster or dry in a frame for some memorable wall decor.

Seattle Calligraphy wedding acrylic place card ombre with gold lettering
Ombre acrylic hexagon with flourished gold copperplate calligraphy



Planning on writing your own vows? Turn them into a memento you can re-read each anniversary. Vow booklets can be blank notebooks given to your calligrapher that we can write whatever you’d prefer on the front. Depending on the paper, we can write your vows entirely out or just flourishes them to enhance your carefully chosen promises. The best part is there is often room leftover to continue adding to them as the years go by.



Add a special song lyric, quote, or piece of advice to your bouquet or boutonnière to honor a special person in your life. Your calligrapher can pen your sentiment onto an indiscreet piece of paper that can then be rolled up and tied into the bouquet or hidden elsewhere. These can be really special for a family member who has passed or unable to attend without a lot of extra supplies. They are also a great way to share an inside joke or comment with your significant other during your “I dos”.

No matter if your event is a macro or micro wedding, you can use calligraphy to enhance your special day and leave your guests with memories of a lifetime.

If you’re interested in creating a one-of a kind gift through custom calligraphy or custom wedding stationery, I’d love to talk. You can find more about my current writing styles here or we can devise something completely you just like I did when working on this Bar Mitzvah. Check out my latest work on social media

Chelsea is a professionally trained classic calligrapher from Seattle, Washington.  She has been mentored by some of the top calligraphers in the world including employees of the White House.

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