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Seattle Live artist bottle painting

Are you ready to turn your event or wedding into a canvas of creativity and joy? At Magnolia Marks Studio, Chelsea brings the magic of live art to your most cherished occasions. Whether you're celebrating love, friendship, or a corporate event, Chelsea will make it unforgettable with her bottle painting, foiling, engraving, and live calligraphy services.



Bottle Painting 

Picture this: you and your guests enjoying a glass of your favorite wine or bubbly while Chelsea brings her artistic talents to the table. Guests can request custom pieces, making each bottle a unique work of art, and Chelsea will work her magic right before your eyes.

From floral designs that bloom with love to abstract creations that spark conversations, Chelsea will transform ordinary bottles into extraordinary keepsakes. Whether you want to personalize wedding favors or add a unique touch to your corporate event, her live bottle painting service will leave everyone talking about your event for years to come.

Chelsea's interactive approach ensures that your guests are not just spectators but active participants in the creative process. So, get ready to sip, request, and witness your event come alive with the stroke of a brush!

Live event engraving for diptyque - floral accent to eau rose bottle


Engraving is all about etching your moments into eternity. At Magnolia Marks Studio, Chelsea takes your vision and turns it into a lasting memory. From custom glassware to stunning leather engravings, she'll make your event truly exceptional.

Imagine your wedding date etched into champagne flutes, or your company logo engraved onto crystal awards. Chelsea's precision and attention to detail ensure that every piece tells a story, capturing the essence of your event.

Custom Live Calligraphy services seattle - leather luggage tag gold foil embossing

Live Calligraphy

Elegance meets artistry with Chelsea's live calligraphy service. She'll turn your event into a masterpiece of letters and words, weaving beauty and meaning into every stroke of the pen.

Watch in awe as your guests' names come to life on place cards, or have meaningful quotes elegantly displayed at your wedding. Whether it's handwritten vows, love letters, or personalized messages, Chelsea's live calligraphy adds that extra touch of sophistication and charm.

Custom Live calligraphy wedding service

Why Choose Magnolia Marks Studio?

  • Creativity Unleashed: Chelsea is not just an artist; she's a memory-maker. Her services add a unique, personal touch to your event that your guests will cherish forever.

  • Tailored to You: Every project is as unique as you are. Chelsea works closely with you to ensure her art aligns perfectly with your vision.

  • Professionalism: Chelsea takes her craft seriously, and she's an expert in her field. Rest assured, your event is in capable hands.

  • Joy Guaranteed: Chelsea thrives on bringing smiles and laughter to your special moments. Her playful approach ensures everyone has a blast while creating art.

Ready to add a splash of creativity and a dash of fun to your event or wedding? Contact Magnolia Marks Studio today, and let Chelsea turn your special day into a masterpiece of artful memories.