Customizable keepsakes

Bespoke keepsake calligraphy is a beautiful way to showcase and honor all things sentimental. Calligraphy is a visual art uniquely suited to keepsakes, because of its highly personal and customizable quality. Poems, family recipes, wedding vows, marriage certificates, and excerpts from favorite books or songs all make excellent content for keepsakes.

Custom projects, like keepsake calligraphy, make up such a noteworthy part of my work because of the meaning they carry. Unlike other pieces I offer, such as envelopes, I love knowing that keepsake calligraphy will be enjoyed for many years to come. They are a most personal, thoughtful, and beautiful gift (for yourself) or someone special.

I take pride in delivering my clients pieces that they truly love, which sometimes involves using new handwriting styles, sourcing specialty paper, or sifting through the archives to add the perfect final touch. Keepsake calligraphy is highly customizable and you can be sure that we will find the perfect design for your piece.



The world of calligraphy has much to offer, from bouncy modern to traditional Engrosser's Script. If you've looked around Pinterest, you know this.

Ebullient Marks provides several script options to meet your needs. I specialize in Copperplate and Blackletter. Please see below for examples of each. If you have a different script in mind, let's talk and we can find a solution that fits your design.

Rates for Custom Calligraphy

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