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Ebullient Marks knows that planning special events involves a lot of time, attention, and energy–and that same level of care is put into your calligraphy. I take pride in delivering my clients pieces that they truly love, which sometimes involves using new handwriting styles, sourcing specialty paper, or sifting through the archives to add the perfect final touch.

Incorporating calligraphy pieces into your birthday, holiday, milestone celebration, or other significant event adds an extra wow factor and helps to make the day extra memorable. Whether it’s handwritten or printed, a pop of calligraphy gives your cards, signage, or envelopes an elegant and artistic quality that is irreplaceable. Once we’ve found the right style, they give guests an exciting sneak peek and sets the tone for the big day. Personal touches, like calligraphy, are also what make your celebration uniquely yours!

While calligraphy is most commonly used for envelope addressing and invitations, there are many other spots for calligraphy to shine! In general, the areas that are most visible to guests are wonderful options. This includes any signage, place cards, table numbers, menus, etc. Spot calligraphy, a chosen selection of calligraphed words for important items, like names, is another popular and flexible option.

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The world of calligraphy has much to offer, from bouncy modern to traditional Engrosser's Script. If you've looked around Pinterest, you know this.

Ebullient Marks provides several script options to meet your needs. I specialize in Copperplate and Blackletter. Please see below for examples of each. If you have a different script in mind, let's talk and we can find a solution that fits your design.

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