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Calligraphy Kit (Calligra-kit)

Calligraphy Kit (Calligra-kit)

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There is nothing that bothers me more than buying a product and it turns out to be less than quality.  If you're spending your money, you want something that is going to last more than a few uses.   Cue a professionally curated kit just for beginners - intermediate calligraphy enthusiasts. 

Everything in this kit has been tested for quality by calligraphers around the world. From the top-of-the-line paper, to the travel-friendly walnut crystals to make ink, to the top 3 most used nibs and pen holder. Everything you need to create those drool worthy videos you've seen all over the internet. 

Not sure how to start? I've included a guidebook that walks you through prepping, writing, and what to do next.  This kit is made to give you the calligraphy bug and keep you writing. 


Kit includes, 

8x10x2 inch gift box

3 nibs

1 penholder

2 dinky dips

Ready-to-mix walnut crystals

Paper guidelines


and Exemplar

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